EverQuest: Claws of Veeshan Mods and Cheats for PC

Claws of Veeshan is the twenty-seventh expansion to EverQuest. Get the latest Mods, Cheats, Codes, Tips, Hints and Walkthrough Guides for EverQuest: Claws of Veeshan PC Game.


Claws of Veeshan continues the storyline that began in the Torment of Velious expansion. Ancient dragons have awoken and ravaged the frozen continent. The warring factions of the continent have put their differences aside temporarily in order to survive the hordes of undead.

  • Six new zones
  • Increased bank space (Dragon's Hoard)
  • New raids, quests, missions
  • New spells, abilities, and AAs (alternate advancement)

The beta for this expansion began on October 21, 2020.

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